Saturday, November 1, 2014

Miami Beach through my lens: October

For October, I decided to go to one of me favorite places in South Beach, 555 Wine Depot.
It's a wine store/bar bistro and you can buy the wine and take it home, or you can pick a bottle of wine, pay a cork fee and drink the wine there. So you pay retail price for a wine of bottle in a South Beach restaurant, which is great!
The place itself is beautiful, with a patio area, an amazing bar with a crystal chandelier, all surrounded by crates of wine.

Miami Beach through my lens is a photographic quest to discover the great city of Miami Beach.
Starting January 2014, I will explore a new place every month throughout the year, and share my findings with you. Armed with my trusty camera, I aim to get to know this wonderful city better, and improve my photography skills as I go. Tag along!

Images: Monica Aguinaga

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Diana Mieczan said...

I love going to wine bistros and this one looks really wonderful:) Your photos are beautiful, darling. xoxo