Monday, November 5, 2012

{Almost} back to normal

New York skyline from Weehawken
Manhattan, taken from Weehawken, NJ.

Hey, folks. Sorry for the lack of updates in the blog. Hurricane Sandy came and made a big mess of things. I was one of the lucky people who got power back after 5 days. There are still parts of my town without power, there's gas shortage (the lines at the gas stations are super long, taking up to 3 hours to get gas), schools, work, public transportation, stores, everything shot down for a week, and there's still shortage of basic food items.
It was a very scary experience, and I have a new appreciation for things I usually take for granted, like walking down to the coffee shop (only a few places sold coffee and there were lines around the block to get a cup of coffee) or relaxing in the sofa watching TV (it was playing cards and reading instead). We rely on electricity so much, and only when it's taken away like that, you realize how essential it is.

Like I said, this past week was only an inconvenience on everyday life. There are people who lost their houses, people whose properties suffered major flooding damage, some people even lost loved ones. My heart goes out to everybody affected by the storm.

You can help people affected by the hurricane by donating to Ocuppy Sandy or the Red Cross.

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