Tuesday, October 23, 2012

5K Sales in 365 Days

Today I want to tell you about a little gem of a book that I discovered: 5K Sales in 365 days by Mayi Carles (who happens to be one of my favorite people in the Internet).
In this e-book, Mayi reveals all her secrets on how she made $75,000 with her first digital product: Life is Messy Planners. She tells us how she started her empire with no money down and went from idea to launch in just one week, generating an income of $75,000 in 365 days.

If you are interested in creating digital products and make money while wearing your pajamas, Mayi's guide is a MUST. Her energy is so contagious and her advice is priceless.

This guide covers:
  • How to find and develop the right idea
  • How to discover your mojo
  • How to price your product
  • How to launch your product successfully
  • How to create a massive payday!

My favorite chapter was Lesson 1: The idea doesn't have to be revolutionary, it just has to be yours. Mayi explains how you can't discover your true calling if you're trapped in a compulsion to conform and be liked by everyone. Also, she tells us how often times we need other people to help us recognize our own talents. We already are experts at something, but sometimes we don't see it. 

After reading this e-book, I feel so fired up and inspired. Mayi's book will be the nudge you need to transform ideas into profitable ventures. She urges us to stop waiting to "be ready", we are ready!

If you want to make a difference in the world and you don't mind doubling your income, you're going to love this e-book.

Make sure to check out Mayi's blog, it's full of info on how to be organized, reach your goals and dream BIG.

*Disclosure: I'm part of Mayi's affiliate program and I make a commission if you buy this guide from the link I provide. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this e-book. 


Diana Mieczan said...

That e-book sounds really cool! I am going to check it out for sure! How is your day so far? Muah

Monica | Hola!design said...

Hi, D! The book is really fantastic!
I'm having a busy Wednesday, which is good! Hope you have a great day!