Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Piece of advice

I recently came across this wonderful post by The Angry Therapist, and I thought is a must read for everyone out there.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish you’d been given in your mid-twenties?

  • Don’t worry about where or who you’re going to be in five years. Like high school, you’re going to look back and wish you had done so many things differently.
  • Know that and do them differently now.
  • Focus on what’s in front on you.
  • Work on the relationship you have with yourself first.
  • Slow down.
  • Enjoy today.
  • It’s okay to not know.
  • Eat alone in restaurants.
  • Stop trying to prove something.
  • Seek growth instead of validation.
  • Shatter your veneer.
  • Be heard.
  • Draw boundaries.
  • Pull from your Solid Self as much as you can.
  • Sweat.
  • Process (get therapy).
  • Travel.
  • Don’t compartmentalize people.
  • Love fearlessly, even though you’ve been crushed before.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Eat clean.
  • Toss your scale.
  • Pull yourself out of the victim position.
  • Exercise your forgiveness muscle (you will need this).
  • Don’t be concerned with what others think of you.
  • Step out of line and jump into life, yours.
  • Accept your story.
  • Don’t chase paper.
  • Seek truth.
  • Be patient.

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