Monday, September 24, 2012

A small constellation of free quality fonts

We all know where to get free fonts (Google Fonts, Squirrel Font, etc), right? But, the universe of free fonts is so vast, that looking for that unique, special font can feel like trying to find life in outer space.
 So, I thought I share some of my favorite (and free!) fonts, hopefully you'll find a perfect match for your project.

01.NovecentoThe wide family is available for free | Download it here.

02.Abril Fatface | A refined, curvy, thin serif font | Download it here.

03.Nixie One | A skinny, typewriter-inspired slab serif | Download it here.

04.Amatic SC | A small caps hand drawn font | Download it here.

05.Ostrich Sans | 6 different and versatile weights | Download it here.

Space image: NASA APOD
Layout: Monica Aguinaga for hola!design


Becca said...

Wow, love how beautifully you presented this. I'm in a bit of a funk about the fonts for my header but this gives me good inspiration!

Monica | Hola!design said...

glad you found it helpful, Becca!