Friday, March 11, 2011

This week I'm loving...

Yummy. Melon and Yogurt Popsicles. Found via Seamless Creative's Pinterest.

I LOVE Jamie Beck's photography and her animated .gifs are so subtle and beautiful. I'm a little jealous of  this girl's hair.

Very girly and flirty look by Paper Crown, Lauren Conrad's new line.

Let's drop everything and go to the Val di Funes in Italy. I just want to lay on that grass. Image: Matt Burke.

- Happy Friday! -


Diana Mieczan said...

I so want to have her hair and that Italy photo made my morning. We are finally having a sunny weather here and Im ready to enjoy it. Wish you a relaxing weekend, sunshine

Ps:Thanks for the cookbook recommendations..Im going to check them out today:)

shopgirl said...

Melon and yoghurt popsicles? - Yum! I've never tried them. Where can I buy them?

p.s. you have a great blog here.
Rambles with Reese