Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Girls in the Windows

How fantastic is this picture by Ormond Gigli? In 1960, he wanted to immortalize the brownstone set of buildings across the street from his own studio that were about to be demolished. He had a vision of women in formal dresses adorning the windows.
Careful planning was crucial as he had to take the photograph during the construction workers' lunch break. He had to get City permits, arrange for models and secure the Rolls-Royce. The day of the shoot, models arrived wearing their finest attire, went into the building, climb the old stairs and took their positions. (Some of the models were brave enough to stand on the crumbling sills!) 
Bullhorn in hand, Ormond directed the shoot from his fire escape across the street.
This picture has been an international awards winner ever since and is Ormond's signature picture.
You can request prints here.

(Funny fact: Ormond's wife is the woman on the second floor, far right, and the demolition supervisor's wife is the one on the third floor, third from left.)

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Diana Mieczan said...

Fantastic!!! I could just sit here and look at that image for hours. Love love love! Happy Tuesday, sunshine