Monday, April 26, 2010

An explosion of orange

hese days, my favorite color is orange. It's just such a vibrant, happy and intense color. And for some reason, used in kitchen appliances seems perfect!
Don't you just want to jump out of bed and make an espresso with this coffee maker? Orange will definitely give a burst of energy in those lazy mornings.
Hope you got a good start of the week! Here we go, Tuesday!

Coffee machine by Ascaso Factory.

Ice cream bowl & ice cream spoon designed by Mirian Mirri. Sold by Alessi.

Retro fridge by Smeg.
Pizza knife by Jacob Heiberg. Sold at Moma Store.


Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical. ........................................

Diana Mieczan said...

Love the colour! The coffee maker by Ascso is great! I never would think of orange when choosing is beautiful! Just pops!
Thanks for this post...

Emily said...

I love vintagey orange too much! I wish I could get some new "vintage" like appliances in orange, I would LOVE that!

Anonymous said...

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