Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hey, it's me!

Hello! I know I haven't updated my blog since last week. The reason is that I'm currently changing careers. How exciting, right? After working in the jewelry business for many years, I've decided that web designer is a better career path for me. No, scratch that. It's a passion of mine. I've been teaching myself HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and more, and I recently accepted my first web design project. This means that I will spending my free time working on that, while I keep my regular job. My ultimate goal is to become a freelancer and work from home, and I've taken the first step towards that.
I'm not abandoning my blog, I'll just updated every week or so. Thank you and wish me luck!

p.s. Some amazing links that made me happy this week: (all web design related, of course!)

A gallery of Korean websites. Awesome graphics!

This has to be the best CSS gallery I've ever visited.

I'm dying to go to the Future of Web Design Conference in NY. I entered a few contests where I can get free tickets. I hope I win! I'd love to meet Jason Santa Maria, one of my web design heroes.

Typography is so important while designing a website. This site is a fantastic source to find inspiration.

And my favorite web designer (the person who first inspired me to learn web design): Tara Sinn. Her portfolio is perfection. And she has a blog!

Picture by Devin Taliaferro.

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