Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of the Death at St. Mark's.

Day of the Dead at St. Marks Church was wonderful!

Artesans from Mexico were there, like this guy from Oaxaca who wovens beautiful textiles.

This year, the altar was dedicated to children who have died from gun violence and to Michael Jackson. People lit up candles to remeber loved ones who died in the last year.

Mexican artesans taught workshops on paper crafts, poetry, cooking and sugar skulls.

Delicious Pan de Muerto (Bread of Dead) which is a sweet bread that is only eaten during this holiday, therefore the name.

Of course, yummy mexican food: quesadillas, tamales, corn and fresh waters.

Look at this little guy! Is there anything more mexican than a xoloitzcuintle? And how cute is his skeleton costume?It seems he was more into Halloween, even tough he was mexican!

Thank you to Mano a Mano for a well-organized event and for promoting mexican culture in New York City.

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