Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miami Again.

One of my favorite bloggers, Betty, just visited one of my favorite cities, Miami, (where I lived for 2 years).
I really enjoyed looking at her pictures and reading about what to do, where to shop and what to eat in South Beach.

Her pictures brought back so many memories!

See more here.

Picture by Betty.:)


Autour de toi said...

I like your blog! I going to follow you!

I invite to visit us, if you like the street style, maybe you like our blog.


{tig} said...

Yes, have been following Betty's trip as well - fun!

{p.s.} just looked to the left + noticed that the link to {t.i.g.} isn't working? could try this url instead, if you like . . .


Hola!Design said...

oh thank you! I've been trying to fix that link..thank you for the new link!

Hola!Design said...

problem fixed! I'm a big fan of t.i.g! :)